Your own open source Slack-like chat

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    Easy to install. Group chat and encrypted chat. Integrations and bot support.


    It is almost the same as Slack but you can install it on your own system.

    I got it to run on an Raspberry Pi

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Hi everyone. This is our initial version of an open-source web chat server. Very lightweight, 100% JavaScript/NodeJS app server with MongoDB database. You can host your own, on a small budget server... 1 Gb RAM, single 2 GHz core.. and hold up to a 1000 users (tested).
We're happy to announce beta Native Cross-Platform Desktop App via @electronjs & @meteorjs :)
There is no better chat than It's like Slack without the silly slap my face attitude and without the irritating purples and deep browns. Cheerful, fast, not too invasive. Low CPU footprint when you have it open. We like HipChat which unlike Slack is priced fairly but love RocketChat's open source customisability and that all our chats are not on an American server somewhere (zero privacy patriot act)
Looks good, but I can't get past the off-centering on the homepage, it's so upsetting, especially as it's a 2 line fix! .wrapper { margin: 0 auto; display: block; } ☺
@farpixel Thanks Josh! We'll be looking into that.