A complete collaboration & project management software.

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Hey Product Hunters, I am the Founder and CEO of Slenke. We developed Slenke out of our own need. After getting tired of having to use 4 or 5 different products for daily day-day work. We wanted one place where could talk to each other, see how the projects are going that we are talking about and what everyone needs to get done all in one place. Essentially creating a virtual workplace for a company. I am here to answer any questions what you guys may have so ask away!
Hey guys, Hamza and his team presented their project called Slenke at our Product Hunt Ottawa Meetup in December. They are now up and running. Slenke lets you communicate with your team members on projects and tasks to make sure everything is in one place. Great product solving a real problem.
What's your differentiation from Slack, Asana, etc?
@jeremy_arnold Slenke is not just a messaging or task management software. We didn't like having separate software for messaging, tasks, projects and time tracking because it was inefficient and expensive. Slenke lets you communicate with your team, manage projects, tasks all in one place. Bringing all those things under one roof streamlines the workflow in our experience with companies who have switched over from software mentioned. From a security point of view, we utilise a single tendency structure so every company's data is saved separately and all the messages and files posted in Slenke are encrypted end-to-end, providing a very secure environment to share those world-changing ideas :)
This looks like Yammer and Asana had a baby. Interesting...wondering what challenges you ran into which weren't solved by other products?
@dleesta The main challenge was when we are communicating using our email or other communication software, we were communicating about the projects and tasks that we were work on and after the communication we had to go to another software to look at those tasks and progress on the projects which I believe is very effective way of working. We believe communication, projects and tasks are very much interconnected functions and a company shouldn't have to have to invest in multiple software to cover their bases in should always be in one place.
Ok so pricing is a bit confusing. It says it is priced per user per month but includes unlimited user. I know I am misunderstanding something somewhere, but what?
@nhuebecker Unlimited users just really mean that you are not forced to upgrade your plan to the next one depending on the number of users in your company using the software. You can stay with starter plan and pay $5 per user for as many users as you want, as long as you are not exceeding the number of projects allowed with the starter package.