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Twist is the communication tool for teams who believe there’s more to work than keeping up with group chat apps.

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Hi, Hunters! I am the Founder & CEO of Doist, and I am here to answer any questions. You may know us as the makers of Todoist, but today we are unveiling Twist, a communication app for teams who believe there’s more to work than keeping up with group chat and chaotic email threads. Our team has over the last three years worked hard on this, and we are extremely excited to share it with you. We are looking forward to your feedback and please give Twist a try. If you want to know the philosophy behind Twist and why we are betting against real-time team messaging, check out my post: Lots of love from Barcelona (and 23 other places -- we are a remote first team!) 💙 🌎 🌍 🌏
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@amix3k hugs to you Amir from Porto 🙌
@amix3k Beautiful app. I'm just curious about a few things. 1. You guys have been using this internally for a few years. How do you and your team decide whether a comment is better added to Twist or to Todoist. Currently the overlap is a bit confusing for me. I'm sure I'm missing something. 2) Why the choice to make threads into task in Todoist but no way to easily make individual comments into tasks in todoist?
@hfauq Think a few screenshots and examples would be helpful here. What would be really cool is press a link on the welcome (for team creators) That automatically puts the welcome process into Twist for your team ;)
@amix3k Hey, As a part of a remote team your apps seems to solve all my troubles. I am guessing this is sort of an alternative to Slack?
Congrats for the lunch, looks very good!
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@griveau Oh god, forgot about lunch 🍝 Thanks so much Adrien. Stoked that you like it!
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Congrats on the launch! Already participated in the beta and loved it! Also great to see that you are open for integrations - can you share anything about upcoming ones?
@mattiheubner Thanks for beta testing! 😊 We are just about to launch an official integration with Zapier! Which lets you integrate Twist with hundreds of other apps. Check out And we do have some internal integrations already built, e.g. with Todoist and Github. Check out We also have an open API -- which means that others can quickly build stuff on top of Twist. So integrations is something we are super passionated about 👍
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Congrats on the launch guys!
@francescod_ales Thanks so much, Francesco! Let's see where this marathon leads us 🏃
Looks really dope, I love the idea of the threads. Good luck!
@salvafc Thank you, Sir!