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February 28th, 2018

Google launched a Slack competitor πŸš€
Everybody wants to be Slack it seems.

Yesterday, Google launched their Slack competitor, Hangouts Chat, seamlessly integrated into G Suite. Unlike other players in the space, Google’s focused on levering AI to improve team communication and productivity. Of course it also supports the essentials like GIFs (which may ruin your team’s productivity).

This release follows Facebook’s introduction of Workspaces, a social network for you and your coworkers, and Atlasssian’s Stride.

If you’re still #TeamSlack, here are some of our favorite Slack bots:

πŸ’Œ AstroBot for Slack lets you manage your inbox with a Slackbot powered by Artificial Intelligence and Astro's award-winning email client.

πŸ€— Donut matches you with a different coffee (or donut!) buddy every week. Loved by teams at Blue Apron, IBM, and InVision.

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈΒ Atomic Slack delivers a weekly email digest of what happened in your Slack, so everybody’s up to speed.

πŸ™Β GIPHY brings only the best GIFs, directly into Slack. WARNING: Select "G" rating or you may encounter NFSW results.

πŸ€” Where do y'all want to go for lunch? Simple Poll will tell you in seconds.

🐦 Add dozens of Party Parrots to your Slack. Yes, dozens.
29 Best Slackbots πŸ€–

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