Donut Slack Bot

Get matched with a new coffee buddy each week in Slack

Donut Slack Bot is a tool that strengthens your team's relationships, empathy, and culture by connecting co-workers together to get to know each other better.

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Hi PH, Thanks for hunting us, @chrismessina! I'm Dan, cofounder of Donut, and we're thrilled to be sharing our Slack bot on Product Hunt. We spoke with hundreds of amazing companies about things they do to build culture, and saw that lots of them have programs to help employees connect across teams and departments, especially at growing startups. We thought a simple Slack bot would be the perfect way to make this easier, and we've been working closely with companies in our beta to build a bot that helps you get to know your coworkers better by regularly pairing you with someone new for coffee or lunch. Here's how it works: 1. Add our bot, Donut, to your Slack team. 2. Create a channel like #coffee-buddies, #lunch-pals, or #donut-friends-forever. 3. Invite Donut and anyone that wants to participate to the Slack channel. After that just sit back and relax! Donut will pair you with your first buddy on Monday morning via a Slack DM. Team Donut is here to answer all your questions. We'd love to hear what you think! Dan
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@danmanian @chrismessina Awesome job! Congrats!
@joemellin thanks!
I've been using this to meet new people every week at my office for the last 2 months. It's been great to socially get to know more people but also helpful to get new insights on professional things too. Definitely wouldn't have met half the people without being introduced by the bot in slack.
Thanks @ianfolau! Great to hear!
Hi everyone – thanks for checking it out (and thanks for the hunt @chrismessina)! Our goal was to create something easy and lightweight that helps build stronger team connections. We've also seen Donut work well with "virtual" coffees for remote employees or offices, and even non-company Slack orgs! We'd love to hear all of your thoughts and feedback!
So this is why you had so many doughnuts @chrismessina !!
@bentossell @chrismessina There's no better thank you for an awesome product hunter than donuts!
@bentossell yup! 🍩🍩🍩
Nice product @danmanian, I know many startups and companies that should use this product!