Cult of the Party Parrot

Add dozens of Party Parrot emojis to Slack

#4 Product of the DayJune 10, 2017
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We really need to add party parrot to Product Hunt comments. Adding to our Q3 OKRs.
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@rrhoover you just made my year
@rrhoover fun fact, if you post too many of the parrots at ones on slack the CPU goes mental.. so I use it sometimes as a DDoS attack for when I am board ;) haha
This is the main reason for using Slack.
If you want to be on the bleeding edge of party parrot, watch the repo and contribute your own!
now if only there was a hipchat version of this πŸ˜”
@gcwelborn From what I can tell, this isn't some express route to adding all of them quickly, it's merely a zip archive will the relevant gifs for you to add yourself manually.
Lol. Thats cool :D