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I look forward to when its seamless to ask "Which place to eat for lunch?" When decision is made, the menu pops up. You choose it's ordered Delivered by Uber All without leaving Slack.
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@bentossell This would be soo cool! I wonder when the Slack Team will let us create custom menus...
As a developer, it's great to see bots that do one thing and do it well... and this does polling _awesomely_ :) Keep up the good work
@hugo__df Thanks man! Really appreciate it
Missed opportunity to call it SimPoll! 👻
Very cool! My only complaint is that because I integrated it into my team's slack, I vote on every poll regardless of who creates it.
@avizuber This is a very good point and a problem I currently don't have a solution to :( The obvious solution is that Simple Poll itself initiates the emoji responses and then *everybody* can vote. However, the Slack API does not currently support this. I have tweeted at them to suggest the functionality that would make this possible: https://twitter.com/wilhelmklopp... Until then, we won't be living in a true democracy. haha
@wilhelmklopp @avizuber Have you looked into potentially shifting it from a slash command to a bot? I recently started using Howdy.ai and the bot there is able to add emoji reactions on its own
@johnharringt0n @avizuber Yeah, I did consider using a bot. I decided against it for three reasons: 1. Using bots is very cumbersome at the moment. Slash commands work in all channels by default. If you want a bot to work in any channel you have to /invite him first. You get a mugh higher level of out of the box convenience with slash commands. 2. Giving out a bot permission is quite a big deal. They can see everything you are posting on all the channels that you invite them too. Simple Poll does not have _any_ read permissions and it doesn't require any. I want to have as little access to your data as possible while still getting the job done. 3. Bots are meant for something grander. It doesn't feel right to use a bot for something that can only not be achieved with slash commands, because of a constraint within the Slack API. (Howdy is a good example of a very powerful, feature rich bot) At the moment I am still very hopeful that Slack adds this missing feature to the API. (@slackhq pls) But yes, a bot user could solve the problems of initializing reactions, but would completely change (and in my opinion worsen) the overall experience... Thanks for the feedback, though :)
@wilhelmklopp nice handy bot! we do polls _all_ the time on slack. integrating this as we speak!