Atlassian's new group messaging and video meeting platform

Stride is a new way for teams to talk, meet, decide and do. With group chat & direct messaging, voice and video conferencing, and built-in collaboration tools, Stride is a team communication platform from the makers of Hipchat.

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Hipchat had no problems so we went ahead and created a new slack clone from scratch ~ Atlassian 2017
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@h_halvi was Slack not originally a clone of HipChat? Just as HipChat may have been of Campfire? ;)
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@h_halvi @mattnhodges "Well, Steve, I think there's more than one way of looking at it. I think it's more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it." Bill Gates to Steve Jobs, 1983
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@h_halvi @mattnhodges All goes back to IRC at the end of the day.
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@h_halvi @mattnhodges @humphreybc Haha! Finally! It's all a IRC thing.
👋 Hey Hunters! Cameron from the Atlassian Stride team here. @nick beat me to posting. Quick hunting, sir! Stride is the complete communication solution that empowers teams to talk less and do more. It's everything you need to stay connected and keep moving. Let's hit the highlights: *Express yourself with a kickass messaging experience* The foundation of a strong communications tool today is a strong messaging tool. We've built a lightweight, powerful, messaging experience to help you and your team communicate effectively. It starts with putting your ideas into words, and our full-featured editor provides you the tools you need – text formatting, code markdown, files and links, previews, and of course message editing. But sending messages is only half of it, you have full control over what messages you are notified about so you keep track of what matters, and our powerful Search makes sure you can always find what you need. *Connect to anyone, anywhere with Meetings* The easiest way to talk face-to-face with your teammates is just a click (or tap!) away. Jump into an impromptu video meeting and add your coworkers by name, dial out, or share a link. Share your screen to show off your latest genius, or grant a teammate control of your desktop when you can't figure out how to configure your company's VPN. *Move things forward with integrated Actions and Decisions* Isolate important follow-ups by marking any message as an Action or Decision, or create one of your own to summarize a longer discussion. Rather than getting buried in your message history, Actions and Decisions live neatly in your sidebar, accessible any time — it’s like having a built in TL;DR for every conversation! *Turn down distractions with Focus Mode* Focus Mode makes it simple to step away from the action of the workday and dive into deep work. With one click, Focus Mode mutes notifications and incoming messages and lets your team know you’re heads down on that important project. Most of this is FREE for all teams – including Stride's Video Meetings. Our paid tier is just $3 / User / Month – less than your morning latte, and far less than the combined cost of what three different products might be (smile) We’re stoked to finally get to share what we’ve been working so hard on for you, our users, and this is just the beginning for Stride — expect to see a lot from us in the coming months! I’ll be sticking around to answer any questions from y’all. – Cameron PS You can sign up for our early access program here:
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@cameronsavage Hi there- great to see this update. As a enterprise HC Server customer (on-prem due to healthcare regulatory requirements), what does this mean for us?
@bmehling It's true that Stride is for Cloud, tailored specifically to the cloud customer needs and priorities. But Atlassian is also doubling down on Hipchat Data Center, and we’re continuing to invest in HCDC as Atlassian’s self-hosted communication offering. You can expect to see some cool announcements from them at next week's Atlassian Summit, so tune in!
@cameronsavage Interesting. Okay. Our key requirement is HIPAA compliancy (signed BAA). Any plans for Stride to offer that as an option? Thx!
@bmehling Stride will not be HIPAA compliant on launch, and we don't have a product-specific timeline on it. But the good news is Atlassian tackles compliance at a company level across all of our products. You can see our current philosophy and stats on (and new updates) on
@bmehling Also take a look at their blog post that just went live :)
Gotta love Atlassian's design and illustration - wow, that landing page!
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@mknepprath Oh yeah, our Marketing and Design teams did a killer job!

Slack apps suck performance wise. expecting Atlassian to do a better job there.


way cheaper than slack, slightly better features (to-dos , decisions)


Yet another slack clone.

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We've been working on a bot for slack, and the features were very limited. Making the transition to Stride, we've found a lot more features that make the UX much richer and with more possibilities. I'm sure you'll like it. Check it out, while the public version is out:
Pretty good TheVerge review: ✌️