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Marc Seitz
Marc Seitz@mfts0 · CTO at @Hackerbay
looks awesome! would be epic for! cc: @eriktorenberg @erictwillis
Miles Matthias
Miles MatthiasMaker@miles_matthias · CTO @EquityEats
@mfts0 I agree! I'd love to see @erictwillis and @eriktorenberg give this a shot on the Product Hunt global community!
Jesse Litton
Jesse LittonMaker@nottil · BluCar
Thanks @Hackevents ! We'd love feedback and I think it'd be a great way to get some!
Jonathan Baillie Strong
Jonathan Baillie Strong@jonbstrong · Community builder, podcasting geek
great to finally see some slack functionality specifically for communities, we'll be testing this out on :) cc @levelsio @leonpals
Jesse Litton
Jesse LittonMaker@nottil · BluCar
@jonbstrong super excited to hear that! Please give us any and all feedback you may have! It's free for the first month :)
Leon Pals
Leon Pals@leonpals · Chairman Startup Foundation
@jonbstrong sounds very cool, might give it a go soon :) Thanks for the heads up!
Juliet Chen
Juliet Chen@julietchen · Social Media Strategist at Buffer
@jonbstrong nice! Looking forward to the email already. The community is too active to keep up to all the updates sometimes! :D
Fletcher Richman
Fletcher RichmanHiring@fletchrichman · CEO, BubbleIQ: Slack-first ticketing
Awesome work Jesse and Miles! Impressive weekend project that's clearly going to add value to a lot of Slack communities. Excited to see how you guys continue to innovate with TechFriends.
Jesse Litton
Jesse LittonMaker@nottil · BluCar
@fletchrichman thanks man! We are super pumped about this!
Jesse Litton
Jesse LittonMaker@nottil · BluCar
We wanted to let everyone know that we are offering a free month of Atomic Slack for everyone!