AI meets email for Mac and iPhone

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Emily Kramer
@emilykramer · VP Marketing @astro. Ex-Asana, Ticketfly
Hello Product Hunt. We're so happy to be here, and thanks Garry for hunting us! We'll be answering questions today and are excited to hear your feedback, so ask away. We just launched Astro in Public Beta, on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Astro has everything you expect from intelligent, modern email apps, plus a chatbot that helps you declutter your inbox and fo… See more
Garry Tan
@garrytan · Angel Investor. Previously Partner, YC
Astro was made by some true SV legends who have made some of the world’s best email software. They’re back at it with a clean easy to use email client built from the ground up that makes great use of AI, has fast search and all the modern features you would expect. I’m pretty psyched to make Astro my primary email client.
Andy Pflaum
@apflaum · co-founder, CEO @Astro
Thank you everyone for all the support and feedback! AI combined with smart app design can take us leaps forward in managing our work & personal communication. We're excited to be making these apps available for Mac & iOS, and soon for Android & Windows. We look forward to much more discussion & feedback!
This is really clean, and the onboarding is great. The UX here is really well done. I've seen (and used) a ton of really nice, free email clients pop up on PH over the past couple of years (CloudMagic/Newton, Polymail, Nylas) , though, which have gone on to charge upwards of $10/mo once they've established a userbase. What's your long-term plans for mone… See more
Joanne Yuan
@joanneyuanyuan · cowboy ventures
Have been using for a month and Astro is SO fast and reliable. Big fan of team and product!