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September 3rd, 2020

Pinterest's "copy and paste" competitor
Leonardo da Vinci predicted the future pretty accurately by saying “He who can copy can do.”

Cutouts wants to be the Pinterest board for your clipboard.

With this free extension, you can save images, text, and videos with a click. ML will do the sorting and organizing for you and even generate color palettes and mood boards. No signup needed to try it out.

We couldn’t go a day without our beloved copy+paste function. But with great power comes great responsibility.

Ever sent a funny GIF instead of the final report link to your boss?

We feel you. 🤦‍♂️

There’s a better way to keep your favorites websites separate from cute cat pics or funny GIFs. Here are some of our favorite clipboard managers launched earlier:

Pasta is a clipboard time machine with a beautiful interface.

Copy Space synchronizes clipboards from Windows to all your devices.

Paste is a smart cloud clipboard history and snippets manager for Mac.

Control V lets you copy and paste over the internet.

CopyLess can store up to 1000 recent clippings.

Maccy is a lightweight and minimal open-source clipboard manager for macOS.

If you’re looking to expand your productivity horizons, have a look at these powerful and programmable text expanders: TextExpander, Alfred, aText, Keyboard Maestro, and canSnippet.
Try Cutouts
This app will blow your mind.

Use this AR and ML powered app to copy and paste your surroundings to any software opened on your laptop in a few seconds.

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