CopyLess 2

A clipboard manager you need

Everything you copy or cut inside other applications is captured instantly and saved by CopyLess 2 for later use. Its history is large – CopyLess can store up to 1000 recent clippings!
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1 Review5.0/5
Found this beautiful Clipboard Manager on Reddit - saw it wasn't hunted - and wanted to share it with the community! Here's a more comprehensive breakdown of CopyLess 2's features (from the Mac App Store): 📜 Clipboard History: - Never lose anything you copy - Extend your clipboard by up to 1000 recent items (100 in a free version) and an unlimited amount of favorites (5 in a free version) - All elements persist on disk and are available even after a reboot - Give clippings custom labels for better search indexing - Quickly identify the clipping’s source using the application icon - Drag and drop clippings 🌟 Favorites - Mark frequently used clippings as favorites to keep them around - Favorites are never removed or recycled automatically - Favorites can be synced over iCloud ☁️ Sync - Sync favorite clippings to your iCloud account - Synced clippings appear on all devices within seconds 🔎 Search - Find any clipping copied recently by simple typing your text in the search field - Filter clippings by application name, content or custom title 🗄️ Filtering - Verbose application? No problem – easily ignore data from any application by adding it to the list of ignored apps - Don’t want CopyLess to capture sensitive data? The ‘Ignore concealed data’ feature is perfect for you ⏩ Shortcuts - Use predefined or custom shortcuts for the most frequently used features of CopyLess 2 - Toggle the main window - Plain text on/off - Copy to clipboard - Direct paste for 10 recent and 10 top favorite elements 🎨 Appearance - 9 predefined styles for quick mood changes - Fully customizable: background color, text color, font size, row height, window priority, transparency 📋 Plain Text - Remove formatting from text clippings automatically - Essential when copying clippings from one formatted text document to another ➕ Serial Paste - Work even more efficiently by copying multiple clippings and then pasting them one by one in the same order 👀 Accessibility - Accessible for everyone - Voice-over support - Clippings content is speakable when possible - Shortcuts for comfortable work
I have used this one for some 10 years and love it. I have the current version also.
By far the best clipboard manager for Mac. Should be way more well-known. Better than all the alternatives… Like @michaelthegeek I have used it for years. 🙂