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As a longtime customer I find the high subscription price and the lack of a rollover for existing customers very disappointing. I can understand that you want to move your company to a more regular income but I don't think this is the right way to do it.
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@phppco or you could roll your own textexpander app. I did the core research already: https://github.com/eonist/research
@phppco We do offer upgrade pricing for existing users: https://textexpander.com/upgrade
@macgreg @phppco I bought text expnder for ipad and iphone. Awesome apps.
We're thrilled to debut the new TextExpander, which makes it possible to share your snippet groups with ease. Share them among your devices – Mac, iPhone, iPad, and now Windows (beta). Share them with your friends, fellow volunteers, and colleagues. Create an organization, and share them with detailed access controls, team management, and centralized billing. https://smilesoftware.com/softwa...
Once an app, now a service. Snippets manager TextExpander drops the individual app pricing structure and becomes a platform that syncs your abbreviations across your iDevices. Not sure about the new pricing model though. $4 to $5 p/m per individual is rather steep. Especially considering that one can get a very capable app like aText for just $5. Check http://www.trankynam.com/atext/ or https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
@t55 ouch, that is a little pricey. the cross platform is awesome. but to be honest there are alternatives to windows that can import TE snippets that are dirt cheap if not free. 😖 one question, os the windows version portable for is working folk who can't install software?
@t55 My thoughts exactly. The fact that TextExpander continues to try and price gouge its loyal customers solidifies my decision to never switch to them. I've been using aText for years without any complaints.
Long time TE user, in over 4 years now, I know I can't use my mac without it running, I feel less productive without it, I like the UI/UX. Paid upgrades are understandable and evident because the author of a software has to be rewarded for his work, especially when he keeps adding power features. Unfortunately, I didn't find version 5's new features to be of any use to me so I didn't upgrade, I told myself I would wait for v6 because I was quite sure it would bring something even better to the table. But a subscription model, at +/-50 USD à year, for features I do not need -because they do not represent the core usage of the product to me- feels like you're trying to force my hand. It feels 'not right' rather than 'wrong' though. But I have to say if that business model is the only option in the future for Text Expander, I'll have to look elsewhere for a solution and that'd be a shame.
@ch_mandel Take a look at http://www.trankynam.com/atext. It offers all of the basics that you would expect in a word expander app, in my opinion, and only costs $5.
@unseenvision thank you, I'll be sure to check them out ;-)
Hey @macgreg, while the site explains a bit of why you are going to a subscription model. Can you go a little more in depth. If the current app based version worked well with users, what is the selling point say for someone who uses just a Mac to just move to the built in (while weaker) text shortcuts Apple offers natively?
@zaccoffman Prior to the new TextExpander, there was really no way to share your snippet groups with others. This is a huge new feature. No person is an island. If you share with others who have knowledge or affinity with you, then you'll get tons more value from TextExpander. That sort of value isn't even possible with text shortcuts or other text expansion apps.
@macgreg So, instead of having a "Share" function as an option price raise, it's now for all. I'm interested to see how this pans out. Love the app, won't be upgrading to a subscription myself -- but am interested to see how it pans out.
@macgreg How many people that use TextExpander want to share snippets with others? I'm assuming you did research before making such a big decision? This change essentially forces individual users like myself to never upgrade/use TE. I have no interest or need to share my snippets with anyone else...ever.