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Chris Messina — 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
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Arun Sathiya — Product marketing Freshdesk | Strikebuys
Product description:

Keyboard Maestro enables users to automate anything on the Mac ecosystem. Android users can relate this to Tasker.

One can automate file renames, open and close files, run shell scripts, do magic with text content and expand texts and do a lot more. At least, these are few things I have achieved with Keyboard Maestro until now.

Not a free app. Priced at 36 USD. I use it and love it.
Mike Coutermarsh — Code @ Product Hunt
@iarunsb I've used this for a while. It's really useful for automating things you do all the time. I use it to quickly move my mouse from screen/to screen (terminal to web browser). So i can keep hands on keyboard when going between the two.
Arun Sathiya — Product marketing Freshdesk | Strikebuys
@mscccc Same here. Have tons of Macros, connecting text to codes to applications to web apps to everything. One of the best investments, I would call.
@iarunsb could I use this to automate calendar export to a specific folder on a certain date or in intervals?
Arun Sathiya — Product marketing Freshdesk | Strikebuys
@mannyorduna Should be absolutely possible. Keyboard Maestro has interface control units, application control and allows you to set destination for your actions - should enable you to achieve this.
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