Paste 2

Smart cloud clipboard history and snippets manager for Mac

Paste is a smart cloud clipboard history and snippets manager for Mac. It keeps everything you've ever copied and lets you use your clipboard history whenever you need it from all your Macs.

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Congrats on the launch! The app looks great but the $10 price tag might be too steep for some. It's also a shame there's no trial option before buying. For anyone looking for a freeware app that has the same functionaility, I've been using for a while now and it works perfectly :)
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@justingosan Its worth it x infinity!
@justingosan or JumpCut, it's been around for eternity, does job well and never asks for anything.
@alexander_solovyov thanks for the reco! I'll check this one out
@justingosan Paste 2 is a free update for a first version and Mac apps don't get as much revenue as iOS do, but I really want to continue the development and survive :) BTW you can alway refund it on Mac App Store if you don't like it, it compensates the lack of trial version in some point ;)
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@stel2k I don't mean to pry on your app design decisions but I'm genuinely curious as to what's stopping you from putting it up for free on the Mac App Store and implementing something like a 7 day free trial. I just feel like these kinds of utility apps need to be tried out first before first-time users can make an informed decision to purchase :) but that's just totally my opinion heh
Hi Product Hunters! I'm so excited to launch Paste 2 and I'm looking forward for your feedback ;)
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@stel2k Huge fan of Paste. Believe me when I say this: I cannot live without it!
@waisybabu happy to hear that, thank you so much!
***NEVER MIND, your support team emailed me and, unfortunately, there isn't a way to export Pinboards from the beta app to the MAS version. Awesome product, congrats on the launch!*** @stel2k I've been using the beta version of Paste 2 for months now and it's a great update! Definitely worth the $10. Quick question: do I need to uninstall the beta version or export my Pinboards before installing the Mac App Store version of Paste 2? I'd hate to lose my existing Pinboards. Thanks!
What a brilliant piece of software this is. Shoutout to Dmitry for giving us this awesome Update for free! It's easy to code a Clipboard Manager and it's not rocket science to create a good one. But the entire execution of Paste is absolutely perfect, making it a textbook example for UX & UI design.
@gopietz Thanks! I've tried to make Paste looks and feels like a part of the OS, really happy to hear that you like it!
@stel2k i hope that apple don't do what it did with growl, alfred or f.lux @gopietz
@neoberg I think apples spotlight pales in comparison to to the power of Alfred.
@stel2k @gopietz Really, love it! The interface!
I've been beta testing this version for a few months. I think this is the best clipboard manager you can get. It's amazingly improved my workflows and increased productivity. UI is great and it's not disruptive(unlike v1), the clipboard bar slides from the bottom and it's very easy to pick from the history. I've also found a use for a snippet manager, I store email signatures there, to paste to various email clients I use. I'm a fan, highly recommended.
@nikitakorotaev Screaming high five for the signature idea. i didnt think of that!
Have been beta testing Paste for a while, and I love it like nothing else. Paste has saved me time like no other app. I'm not a cloud-clipboard guy, considering the data that's being sent to the cloud using these apps. Instead, Paste does one job super good, which is to make Clipboard searchable, right on your Mac. HUGE HUGE HUGE Fan.
@imkarthikk I am so glad that you like it!