Copy and Paste your surroundings to any software opened on your laptop in few seconds.
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@cyrildiagne what is the price? Is there a free tier?
Why isn't this more upvoted?! This is an insane AR development! Unbelievable work, I can't wait to test this!
@joid Thanks Joid!
@joid Right? How is this not the most upvoted product of all time?!
I am so glad that you used AR and ML. This could be a great use case of it. Especially for the design community.
Looks like the future is here 🙌
Does it access clipboard ? 🤔 Innovative. Subscribed for beta 😊
@max9xs Yes we support the clipboard, cross-platform. We also have a more dedicated export for Photoshop that creates a smart object with a non destructive mask.