Control V

For the clipboard day. Copy & Paste over the internet!

The product and the marketing aren't 100% baked yet, but I was rush to release it today in honor of Larry Tesler, who invented the copy & paste. He just passed away this week.
Control V is the most fastest ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ solution to share images in your clipboard.
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Hi human! It easy as it sounds: Instructions: โž€ Copy image to the clipboard. โ‘ก Visit โ‘ข Press "Control V". Would love to get some feedback and answer your questions!
@aminadavg You will get more responses if you get a walk-through instructional video so people can better understand what it does.
I'm starting to get ideas for imporving. Adding borders, watermarks, round cropping, layers, and many more. Keep suggestions. I'm developing. More updates in the near-near future. Stay tuned.
whats the price? if its free will you charge in future?
@sue111 It's a very good question. It's will be free forever. Ads on the homepage.
Very easy to use, I like it. I am just missing a function to see the shared image in full-size :)