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September 1st, 2020

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Conscious consumerism has become bigger than a short-lived fad.

In the pre-pandemic times, brands started to notice more people questioning their lifestyle choices and pushing for a change (thanks Greta!). Responsibility has been used as a Gen-Z marketing tool increasingly appealing to other demographics as well.

One such app is YAYZY, an eco-lifestyle tracking app that shows the carbon footprint of your purchases in real-time.

The makers of the app built it inspired by the belief that action begins with information. Their app raises awareness of sustainable lifestyle alternatives to travel, fashion, food, and more.

Now, with all the surprises that 2020 brought us, people are cutting back on excessive shopping and considering other lifestyle choices, cooking bread at home, anyone?

Consumers are not alone. Makers are increasingly more interested in combating climate change by combining Fintech and Cleantech.

There is no shortage of environment-protecting initiatives that popped up in the last couple of years. Here are some simple and some creative ways to become a more conscious consumer:

Website Carbon Calculator shows how much CO2 your website emits.

Kuri suggests low-carbon recipes and adapts to what's in season around you.

Wren offsets your carbon footprint by saving rainforests.

Capture wants to be the Fitbit for your carbon footprint by tracking your mobility and food choices.

Sliced finds opportunities that have a direct impact on reversing climate change.

Climatebase curates climate-positive jobs, organizations, and events.

Climatescape is an open directory of organizations creating solutions to climate change.

Collective.Energy is a community for crowdsourcing and launching climate solutions.

Enviro.Work is a job board for environmentally positive work that benefits the environment.

Carbonly is an online carbon footprint tracker that plants a tree for every new install.

Carbon Trim is an app for discovering carbon footprints of daily actions.

Vera for Business makes it simple for your business to stop ocean plastic.

Tripit shows your flight’s carbon emissions and provides ideas on how to reduce it.

Joro is the “Fitbit of carbon emissions”.
Some people argue that weekly is the best format to organize your life and work.

Meet Tweek,"superhuman for to do's."

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