Offset your carbon footprint by saving rainforests

Calculate your carbon footprint, and then reverse those emissions by funding projects that save rainforest, plant trees, or prevent cow burps. projectwren.com
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Hey Product Hunt! Thanks @katmanalac for Hunting us! We're super excited to share Wren with you today. Believe it or not, we started working together to build HR software. We stuck with it for an embarrassingly long amount of time, but eventually realized that HR software wasn't our thing. We wanted to fight climate change. First, we tried making vegan food. Each step up the food chain is a 10x increase in required resources, so we thought we could save the earth by eating efficiently. We all cut out meat, dairy, etc. to keep a lower carbon footprint diet and we wanted to make it easy for others to do the same. As you might expect, a bunch of hackers cooking vegan food in their tiny college apartment didn't generate much traction. So we went back to doing what we knew how to do: writing software. We realized that despite our best efforts we wouldn't get our carbon footprint down to 0. We buy food that's been shipped to grocery stores, we cook using gas stoves, we even fly across the country sometimes! Most people we know have a similar challenge: they can reduce, reuse, and recycle but even still they feel like they're a burden on our climate. It's just so frustrating to do everything you can to fight climate change and still feel guilty about the way you live your life. That's why we built Wren. Governments around the world are not acting to stop climate change quickly enough. Every year, we're emitting more and more but it feels like we're trying even harder to be good to the environment. With Wren, you can do more than reduce, you can eliminate your footprint by funding projects that clearly prevent deforestation. We need governments to own up to the challenges of climate change. But while we put pressure on them, we can do everything we can as individuals to reduce our emissions. We just started working on this a few weeks ago, so we don't have everything figured out. PLEASE give us your feedback so we can make this better! Let's get millions of people to live carbon neutral!
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@katmanalac @landon_brand Pivoting from HR software to a climate change app is a hell of a move. I think you made the right choice.
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@katmanalac @landon_brand i dont think any governments around the world will be a part of the solution. But inicitatives like this will move mountains if we all join in!
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@anders_denne While governments certainly aren't incentivized to solve climate change in the short term, I sure hope they will join in on the solution soon...! In the meantime, we all individually need to play our part. Thank you for your support <3
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@katmanalac @dkb868 I don't recommend building HR software LOL. If anyone is considering HR software vs. building something to mitigate climate change, let me convince you to work on something for our planet!
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My carbon footprint is pretty low. I don’t own a car, I bike to work and live in an apartment with no air conditioning. However, I like to travel abroad. Project Wren gives me a verified way to offset my flights. It’s great that they allow you to direct your money to specific projects. The site is easy to navigate. Subscribing to a project was simple. I look forward to seeing what other projects they add.
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@raloney Thanks, Ryan! Keep an eye out for a project update today on your subscription to Buen Jardin de Callaru—we just received some interesting map data that shows sites of illegal logging in June 🗺
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This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for: a straightforward, efficient, transparent, and mission-oriented product that aspires to further the environment-saving cause. I will definitely be following this product and am excited for what they set out to accomplish in the future!
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Seriously in love with this. I want to know what's next! When will we get a public feature roadmap??
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@calvinlegassick We're working on it 😉
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@calvinlegassick <3 thanks Calvin! Public feature roadmap is a fantastic idea, that would be so fun! For now, we're most focused on onboarding new projects and making our calculator more accurate. Providing ideas for reducing users' footprints is a goal as well, probably after we have a calculator that's a bit more granular.
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Such an exciting product! So many fun ways things can go: - See the impact of the global wren community - Import financial / email data to have more wholistic calculator - Get recommendations on which lifestyle changes you could make that would be sweet-spot of having an outsized impact on your footprint AND being realistic given your preferences. - Be able to add smaller community projects like planting 15 trees. Would need to figure out a way to verify projects at scale. - Breakdowns of why average carbon footprint responsibility is so different across countries. - Contribute to projects an an index-fund type way.


Personal carbon footprint compared to country / global averages. Efficient design, clear footprint calculations, project verification.


Despite well-designed project pages, can be hard to compare projects. Not clear how to interact with Wren as my footprint changes.

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So many awesome ideas @calvinlegassick! For the projects, right now we're sticking with in depth stories on a project's environmental + social impact but we're definitely still figuring out the best way to display projects.