Carbon Trim

Discover carbon footprints of daily actions!

Carbon Trim is an app for discovering carbon footprints of daily actions - whether it's eating a pizza slice or a buying a pair of shoes or using the microwave! Search via text or image for carbon costs of hundreds of different items. Set reminders as nudges to take eco-friendly actions through the week.

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Hi folks! I'm a UX designer and recently taught myself to code to work on an app idea I've had for a while. Carbon Trim, an iOS app, lets you discover the carbon costs of daily actions and set reminders as nudges for eco-friendly actions. Climate change is one of the most serious threats facing humanity currently, and one of many stepping stones to its resolution is to build products that engage people with the problem effectively. Ultimately, a low carbon lifestyle is collection of low carbon choices made everyday - and this app tries to make that easier for people! This has been in development for only some time, and I would love to receive feedback! I continuously try to incorporate suggestions made by testers on the app, and am hoping to increase the number of people I get inputs from. If there are any other queries, I'm here to respond! :)
@kavya_jha What a fantastic idea! I'm sure you've heard of Kingdom of Bhutan - the only carbon negative country in the world? Pretty awesome
This is so cool, thank you guys for doing this!
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Do you have any plans to add a point based tracking system to this? The user adds a bunch of events, and it then tracks or just plots the difference for her daily carbon-footprint as per her habits; like FitBit but for carbon footprint.
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@wasif_khan Yes, eventually I do want to build in some concept of a carbon budget, but haven't thought it through yet. Thanks for the input!
This is really cool. When will this be released for Android? Questions: How does the image search for carbon costs of items work? Have you implemented image recognition for this purpose? Not a technical one, how is carbon footprint of using items such as particular shoes calculated? Great product!
@siddharth_mungekar1 Thank you! No plans for Android currently, as I'm a solo developer on this and a self taught one! But I hope I'll be able to make some web version of this soon, even if it doesn't have the image search bit. To answer your queries: 1. Using a couple of tools like Clarifai, Google Vision for the image recognition handling. Mostly works well, but text in the image causes some interference occasionally. 2. Carbon calculation varies across sources, but the best methods involve estimating carbon emissions at every stage of production and disposal. So for shoes, a rough estimate would include emissions from - raw material and procurement > machinery (if used) > transportation to stores > wasted inventory > usage and disposal by the consumer
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@siddharth_mungekar1 @kavya_jha instead of ever considering Android, please consider a PWA so that any browser could use such cool idea. If not interested, please share your API sources or create at least an API to make a PWA like version of this app possible, thank you.
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@webreflection Hey Andrea, I'm glad you're interested in the idea! Right now, most logic and data is client-side but I'm planning to use a Swift server-side framework to build a bunch of APIs and keep most of the code common. So I'll keep you posted! :)
Really great initiative!
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