The website carbon calculator measures your website's carbon emissions. Page weight has been growing for years and this makes the web a huge energy consumer. We want people to consider the impact their websites have on the planet.
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Looks nice! I'm cleaner than 94% of sites tested :-)
It's always nice to get more informed about the ways we as makers can fight climate change and support sustainability. I entered my business' site into the tracker and the results were informative. The only thing is that I had to wait for what felt like a long time to receive my results.
@abadesi Hey thanks for your comment. The test loads your webpage and waits till all the various assets have loaded before returning the overall page weight so our calculator can do its magic. On heavier sites, that can take quite a while so in version 2 (this version), we've tried to improve the wait with the loading modal but your comment has got me thinking that maybe we could also explain what the loader is doing and why it has to take a few seconds.
This is really insightful and shows we should all be doing more to reduce our impact here.
Tested my website and I'm basically an environmental terrorist. The full story is more complicated, of course, where you have to take into account caching and the backend performance, but I like the take on highlighting the environmental impact of websites. *went to plant some trees to offset my dirty website emissions*
Although somewhat curious about the behind the scenes for this (*using curious rather than skeptical*), I kinda don't see that as a problem. In the end, the worse case scenario is that you're lying to me in order to encourage me planting more trees... Not the worse thing you could be doing lol Either way, thanks for the insights! I'll be sure to regularly check in using this tool to make sure my projects are being, at the very least, not horrible on the earth :^)
@stuffbyspencer Hi Spencer. I appreciate your skepticism and to some extent, you're right, we don't know exactly how much energy an individual website is using. With regard to the single website, we don't know how much power the back end is using. Is it a static site or a non-cached dynamic site? However, this isn't just smoke and mirrors. The calculation is based on an average figure for energy use per GB across the network which we get from a 2015 academic paper. We review this data when new research becomes available. You can read more detail on the How does it work page
@jamrone good to know! thanks for the reply :^)