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Enviro.Work is the best place to find and fill jobs that benefit the environment. Discover a variety of jobs, gigs, and careers all related to positive green causes. Hire from a community of talented individuals who are deeply invested in eco-positivity!
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Really helpful, thanks guys! Few annotated comments here too on your landing page, hope its useful - https://app.usebubbles.com/a18bf...
@tom4 Thanks! Appreciate your feedback
Hi Product Hunt! I'm Eric Vanular. 👋 Right now, if you want to find a job that’s climate-friendly, it isn’t really clear how to go about that. You could specifically look for environmentally focused companies individually and keep checking their site to see if they are hiring. But that’s tedious and it’s easy to miss new postings. Conventional job boards don’t have a good way of filtering for this. Enviro.Work is the place to come find them in one spot. Any time I’ve been job hunting, I’ve thought of how nice it would be to be able to integrate my work life with my desire to do something about climate change. Hopefully, this makes it easier for us all to just that. I'd love to know what you think or if you have any ideas that could improve Enviro.Work’s usefulness. I’ll try to improve it using your feedback. Thanks!
@ericvanular Hi Eric. Congratulations on the product launch. I am creating a resource material for founders & entrepreneurs where I am interviewing different entrepreneurs and makers on their product launches. This will be read by upcoming founders who are planning to launch their product and this also will add an additional stream of awareness for your product as well. I was wondering if you would like to share your experience as well. Here is the link https://forms.gle/srwVDhwGHT7YcG5N8
Love it - I am currently looking for Product Management work with a SaaS company in the energy/eco space. This is about to make my life that much easier.
@pete_keating Amazing! There's so many awesome companies doing great work in that space. I'm hoping you'll find your fulfilling dream job on Enviro.Work 🙂
What a nice idea! You often find job websites focused on NGOs, but not that much on environmentally-focused companies. Will definitely use your platform.
@laetitia_hb Thanks for your kind words! Appreciate the support and feel free to share it with anyone who might find value there
Just checked out the site, love the minimal design, it makes super user friendly. I'll definitely be looking here first for job postings, great idea!
@briparks thanks for your support! Glad you like it