Product Hunt Daily Digest
July 14th, 2020

LEGO and Nintendo’s epic collab
LEGO and Nintendo have joined forces to offer us some light relief and nostalgia in the form of the Nintendo Entertainment System LEGO kit. Currently pre-launch and hitting shelves on August 1st, we know how we’ll be spending some of our socially distanced summer hours.

Other Makers have also brought us joy through these challenging months with their creative product launches:

Invite Rick injected some short-lived joy into our Zoom calls. Unfortunately it violated Zoom’s TOS and quickly shut down 24 hours later. Rick's rolling was just too pure for this world.

Elon Musk Name Generator allowed us all to discover what we would have been called had Elon been our dad.

Goat 2 Meeting invites a farmyard animal to your video meetings. You can even choose between a llama or a goat. Lol.

Bye is an email service that automatically responds with an insult, then deletes every email sent to you. No more inbox zero anxiety.

Zoom Exotic brings Joe Exotic an Carole Baskin to your Zoom backgrounds. Remember when we were all obsessed with Tiger King? 🤪

Proud mom of a CEO Newsletter will email you encouraging notes every weekday. Because, “We believe in you sweetie, you got this!”

PastaDrop allowed us to send a random pasta care package to unsuspecting friends letting them know we were thinking of them.

We’re thankful for the positivity and fun these products, along with many others, have brought us.
Build a Lego Nes
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