Bye is the first email service to automatically respond with an insult, and then delete every email sent to you.
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"Get less email by never receiving it in the first place" Sometimes the best products are the most simple. If you don't want to reach me, email me at going forward. Thx!
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Hey ProductHunterers. Like you, we get too much email. So we created a service to automatically delete it all for you. Our internet friend @bobby (he's sort of like a modern day steve jobs) put it well: "somethin kinda neat i found out…if you ignore a problem for long enough, it either goes away or ruins your life. so 50/50. pretty good odds."
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@bobby @pasql I should have known! LOLZ
here at thinko we believe that ignoring your emails can lead to positive results
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@pugson This has been my email management philosophy for nearly 10 years now. 1. Ignore it - if it's important enough it will come back 2. Say "no" - If it's REALLY important they'll ask again 3. Take it seriously if anyone has ever worked in Enterprise / Corporate then they'll get why the above strategy works.
2-letter usernames are the same price as others. Doesn’t seem very innovative.
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@chrisdolle we're working on a 69-letter enterprise tier
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@chrisdolle @pasql dont forget 99 epic tier :D