Elon Musk name generator

If Elon were your dad, what would your name be?

#4 Product of the DayMay 12, 2020
It was cool to deconstruct how Elon named his new baby and turn it into a set of rules that apply to any name.
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R Y λ-N Not the worst.
@rrhoover 😂so cool to see you here, R Y λ-N!
Hey Product Hunt! 👋 A friend of mine "Elonified" his Slack name yesterday. It was pretty fun and we all shared a good laugh. Then it got me thinking... What would the rules be like if you were to "Elonify" any name? Which letters become numbers, ligatures, and even (why not) Greek symbols? Thus "Elon Musk name generator" was born! I built it in one afternoon, styled the website after the Cybertruck site, and deployed it to Netlify. It got a pretty good response on Hacker News, and got to #1 on Indie Hackers yesterday, so I decided share it with the Product Hunt community :) Would love to know what you think!
My name would be "D Ξ N-15", if you were wondering. Nice to meet you all.
@devishnya1 Nice to meet you, D Ξ N-15 🖖
@devishnya1 oh hi, i'm J Ψ-N.
My new name is J Ψ L-13
@syswarren hi J Ψ L-13 🖖
K Ψ N-4L says hi to K Y L-3...I mean X Æ A-12 Musk 👋
@kunalslab 😂I thought the way to pronounce it was Ash
@richardreeze yeah — just going off the previous theories!