Pasta as a service, a social experiment by meh/woot founders

PastaDrop is the future of pasta purchasing and sending and the solution to the pasta problems of the past.
In other words, ship pasta to friends without knowing how much you’re sending
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Hi everyone. We're launching this today. Same username system as Meh if you have an account there. Co-founder team at Mercatalyst (formerly Mediocre Labs, ex-Woot/Amazon: Shawn Miller, Dave Rutledge, Luke Duff, Derek Chapin, myself Also: PastaDrop is proud to support Equal Heart
Thanks for the upvotes everyone! Our first drop is tracking to sellout later today. Weekly schedule and next one launches Monday at 11am eastern. now that it's discovered by the PastaDrop community: there's a hidden twist / social experiment element in play. you have to find out from the friend you sent it to how much pasta was received. a bonus social distant friend interaction is the idea
Update: Drop one has sold out
Love it, good stuff! The style reminds me of
@ken_hammond1 nice, hadn't seen that one; it's very well done. The added feature here is "randomized amounts of pasta" (with gradually more clarity on that feature as we go; earlier customers enjoying it as a surprise)