Shared browsing solution for remote group collaboration

Plutoview is a shared browser solution designed to make remote research and Web-based collaboration effortless. Add up to 100 users to a single Web session, and have as many Web session open as there are group members.
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This is such a cool idea! I can also see this being useful when parents are struggling to understand things on the web.
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@bazza__ Thank you for your support! Yes, I think this use case is very interesting
Really nice. Makes web browsing so much more intractable. Nothing like the video calls with the screensharing)
@bass_andriy Thank you for your support, it means the world to us!
@bass_andriy Umm.. "intractable" means insoluble or impossible. You might have meant "tractable" ... (unless you intended to say that Pluto is complicating and worsening the browsing/sharing experience...)
Whoah! It's like a browser in GDocs way!!
@vizzerdrix Yes, right on point! We are actually going to be integrating our own version of sharable digital notebook (like google docs) to make research collaboration feel even more like its happening from the same table.
Looks great and super useful... Need of the hour and definitely gonna try with the team right away
@adityarao310 Thank you, and please let me know how it goes🙌
The founder gave me a preview a few weeks ago and I instantly saw myself using this for work projects. We are constantly sharing the screen in team meetings and directing the person in charge where to click and what to do. Which is frustrating and wastes time. This is the solution we need. Congrats on the launch!!
@thiscodeworks Mishka, thank you for your support!