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Bundle your newsletters in a single email digest πŸ“©

The big step for Mailbrew: you can now finally get any newsletter in your daily digest. Don't need to clutter your inbox anymore: subscribe to newsletters with a special address we give you, and conveniently receive them in your daily brew.
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Ciao PH πŸ‘‹ I am Francesco, co-founder of Mailbrew. Today we are launching Mailbrew Inbox, our most requested feature. It allows you to bundle newsletters inside a single email digest that you receive daily, together with content from Twitter, Reddit, RSS, YouTube, Hacker News and many more sources. This brings us closer to our vision of a digest that is THE ONE THING you must read every day to stay on top of your game, saving a ton of time in the process. πŸ’Œ Hope you give Mailbrew a try today. You can try it for free for 2 weeks (no CC required), and we are happy to offer the PH community 20% OFF as a thank you for the amazing launch:
@frankdilo Does the Digest HAVE to be daily or can it be weekly too? πŸ€”
I've been using Mailbrew for about two weeks now and I love how elegantly the product is built. Configuring your own curated newsletter takes minutes. I was able to set up 4-5 different daily/weekly newsletters in a few minutes and it has been a joy to receive them in my inbox. I also love the various built-in sources they support, in addition to the plain-old RSS feeds.
@preshit Thanks a lot Preshit! With this update we are trying to set the bar even higher.
Wow! The Mailbrew guys never cease to amaze me, this is going to change the game and I can’t waittt 😁
Another killer feature in a service I couldn't already stay without. Love this!
@albigiu Happy you like it Alby! πŸ™Œ
Awesome, was waiting for the feature for some time and itΒ΄s finally here. ItΒ΄s a major milestone. Keep them coming! :)
@d_kupka Thanks Daniel, we are just getting started πŸ”₯