1:1 video calls between influencers and their followers

#2 Product of the DayMarch 11, 2020
Influencers, you can now have, 1:1 video calls with your followers. Set your price, availability, and share your link. That’s it. Anyone can call you in the world, privately, without exchanging contact information.
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🎉🎉🎉 I'm so excited to share Superpeer with amazing ProductHunt community 🎉🎉🎉 Superpeer is about supporting you, the knowledge economy; creators and influencers get paid for all the knowledge they share, helping them create more personalized platform through which they can connect with their fans in a more meaningful way. We hope soon, every Twitter bio, every Github repo, Linkedin, Dribbble profile say, every Youtube video ends with "If you want to connect with me or have any questions, please book a time with me at Superpeer" Superpeer is making it possible for people to support each other and get access to wisdom that they may not otherwise be able to... making human wisdom much more accessible. We can't wait to see you become Superpeers, share your knowledge and inspire others with your presence. If there is anyone in the world, that you wish you could talk to, please invite them to become a Superpeer too. Cheers 🙌✨ Devrim Oh, checkout a fan made list of Superpeers and follow us on Twitter for more added everyday!
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@devrimyasar Congrats on the launch, Devrim. This is such a cool idea. Can't wait to jam with people using it!
@pablostanley thanks Pablo 🙌 so happy to have you onboard!
@devrimyasar very interesting product.
This is awesome! I've worked with Fatih and Devrim, they are really awesome developers and I can see the quality of the platform! This will definitely change how consultants work! I already requested an invite and cannot wait to start using it! Well done! 👌🏼
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@devrimyasar is video conference included on here or do we use zoom, bluejeans or other service in conjunction?
@devrimyasar awesome. I just created my profile (still need to add my video tho).
@streamnowceo awesome! Welcome onboard 🙌✨
Super excited for this launch! I've worked with @devrimyasar before and have always been impressed with his focus and execution. Making a more professional-focused service that's kind of like Calendly meets Cameo is so well timed given the rise of the influencer market. In fact, I'm thinking of adding video consulting to my Product Hunting offerings via Superpeer... what do you guys think?
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@chrismessina Thanks so much Chris! Love your Superpeer profile ☀️
This is a great idea. I hope it takes off and becomes a viable way for influencers to make a living without sponsorships & ads
@ramykhuffash exactly our goal! ✨
This is really cool idea and really nice design too.