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August 26th, 2019

GUIDE: New 🔥podcasting tools

Podcasting is heating up, they said.

According to recent reports, more than half of Americans have now listened to a podcast, and ~32% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly, a 26% increase from last year. In a staggering statistic, there’s now more than 700,000 podcasts out in the world and over 29 million episodes. And let’s not forget that big tech companies are competing for a piece of the podcast pie — with Spotify acquiring two major podcasting startups earlier this year.

The TLDR: We’ve seen 11 new podcasting products launch on Product Hunt in the last 30 days and 22 new tools in the past three months. We’re breaking down some of the standouts here.

🗒 Spext is a podcast editor that looks more like a document than an audio editor

“The goal is to create something that works like a doc but is a powerful podcast editor - delete “ums”, “uhhs” mix in intro music, add background music and splice in ads - all WITHOUT looking at waveforms.“ - Spext Maker Ashutosh Trivedi

Note: It’s similar to former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason’s startup Descript

👀Podcast List is a database of over 200 podcasts to help you find and pitch podcasts to either interview you, feature your business or run your ads

“Most podcast lists are designed for people trying to find new podcasts to listen to, which is only marginally helpful for marketers. For Podcast List we’ve designed the ideal list for entrepreneurs and marketers trying to find the right podcast to pitch their story to––either as an organic story/interview or as an advertisement.” - Podcast List Maker Matter Henderson

🎙SquadCast lets your record professional sounding audio remotely

“Our mission is to empower & encourage creatives to engage in meaningful conversations without barriers.” - SquadCast Maker Zachariah Moreno

For more on the latest podcasting tools, go here.


Product News! 😻

This bedding startup just raised $100M. Skins to protect your Apple Card are here. "Nice" insurance scores $10.4M in venture backing. And a new scooter network landed in South Korea. 

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