Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 22nd, 2019

Protect your secrets (by law)

We’ve hit peak 2019.

Yesterday, a Friend NDA Generator (aka “frieNDA”) launched on Product Hunt and it’s...exactly what it sounds like. Next time you want to share a confidential secret, you can procure legal protection first.

How it works: You and your friend enter your full name, email address, secret, and sign. A non-disclosure agreement will then be emailed to you both. 🤫

The friend-to-friend NDA agreement goes as follows:

“I, friend 1, agree to not disclose any sensitive information from friend 2 about secret.“

The product — which is sure to ruin friendships everywhere — got some mixed reactions.

“Where has this been all my life?” - Aba

“I know some people who could use this” - Julie

Sign your first frieNDA here. 👈

The Friend NDA Generator

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