Make websites that self-update and change for each visitor.

#5 Product of the DayAugust 26, 2019
Sourcery helps you create a business website in seconds that reflects your social and public profiles. No templates, no drag-n-drops, no choosing fonts. Your website is auto-updated and uses AI to optimize each visit to match your business goal.
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Pretty awesome....i'm guessing this doesn't work for a brand new company because there would not be enough content out there to pull from - is that correct?
@leslie_heller it works best if your business is on google maps or yelp, but you can start a website with just a name and a phone number by choosing "Continue with ..." in the search dropdown and edit your site from there.
Could you please explain what do you mean by optimize each visit ? How visit is optimized ?
@mikedane7 unlike other website builders, Sourcery is able to generate websites at the time of the visit, so we try to be smart as to what the visitor is likely to want, and we optimize for their goal, given the business' goal and the available data.
@mikedane7 @jacques_arnoux Cool idea but how exactly do you optimize on the spot? Especially if there's no available data!
Hi folks! We're looking for as much feedback as you can give us - it's FREE and takes 5 seconds. What would you use Sourcery for? What do you need for it to be useful? What's useless, what's confusing? We'll even get you a free domain name if you ask nicely :)
Really great way to aggregate a brands cross-platform data! Really intuitive onboarding experience πŸ™Œ
Just tried it on a local bakers* that I know don't have a website. Result - A nice website with lots of content. Very clever and would I guess be the perfect solution for this small business I'm thinking of. *Bricks and Mortar business with existing social profiles, Google maps etc. Is that what it's intended for?