Descript 2.0

Near-perfect transcription, edit audio/video by editing text

#4 Product of the DayNovember 12, 2018

Descript is the world's first media word processor - edit audio and video the same way you edit text. With industry leading transcription and powerful editing tools, Descript makes working with media fast and fun.

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Hello! Andrew here, CEO of Descript, proud to announce the availability of Descript 2.0 - a complete rewrite of the Mac app we started with almost a year ago. Here are the highlights: * Mac/Windows apps (plus you can transcribe/listen/leave comments in a web browser) * Now supports video! Edit audio or video by editing text. * Automatically syncs your projects to the cloud w/ version history, but still works offline * Collaborative commenting and editing More details in this launch post: If you work with voice-driven audio/video in any form, give Descript a try - we include 30 minutes of free transcription with every account - and let me know what you think!
@andrewmason Love Descript! Recommend it to all of my users
Hey @andrewmason, happy to see you here. I downloaded Descript in February and I was totally impressed. I guess video text editing is a killer feature for Youtubers. Also any user can easily create text content form educational videos. 👌 Btw, i tried Descript for my Turkish interview records, but Turkish was not supported on that time. Are you going to add it soon or not? :)
@firatdemirel sorry, we're not planning on adding other languages soon! I know it's frustrating, but we want to make sure everything is dialed in with the English version of the product before expanding to other languages.
@bentossell awesome thanks Ben!
@andrewmason great update to the old version! P.S. Video presentation is really descriptive :D
Smart to expand to video, @andrewmason. 👍🏼 I tried an early version of Descript to edit the Product Hunt Radio podcast but found it difficult to fit into our workflow without the ability to easily mix multiple channels of audio and splice in intro music, ad breaks, etc. Does Descript 2.0 address this use case?
@rrhoover arg, not yet! We are dying to get there... this release was about getting the foundational bits right... moving to a new cross-platform tech stack, a cloud-based file system, and adding video support to the underlying video engine... now we get to move onto the really fun stuff. We had multitrack voice transcription in the old Mac version and we'll have it in this new version very soon. Adding other types of media like you describe is a top priority. Stay tuned!

I just downloaded the app with the free 30 minutes of transcription and uploaded a podcast I recorded for one of my clients. I'm blown away at how accurate it is. It made a couple of understandable errors, but for the most part it was spot on. I'll be using this as my transcription service for now on. I'm incredibly impressed!


Incredibly accurate transcription with smart grammar correction included. Also comes with a smart text editor that seems to learn as you go


Doesn't automatically distinguish between different speakers, but this will likely change as their machine learning grows.

This is really impressive if it works that easily. Can’t wait to try this out Andrew.
Loom ❤️'s Descript!