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To meditate or not?

Recently, Product Hunt member Andrew Lutsyna brought up a hot-button topic in Discussions — meditation.

What do you think about meditation?

Though simple, it’s a loaded question, touching on a habitual practice that conjures up self-reflection, focus, self-control, silence and creativity — aka a lot of things that can help Makers. 👀

Responses varied.

“It sounds so cliche but it has changed my life, it's given me control over my emotions and instincts and impulses in a way that I feel makes me a better human.” - Abadesi

“I prefer a quiet or slightly quiet environment and I try to meditate every day. The best thing I learned so far is if you get distracted during meditation it doesn't mean you are doing it wrong.” - Rahul

Do you meditate? Share your process here.

While some of the market leaders in meditation apps — Calm and Headspace — may be pricey as a starting point ($59-95/year), there are other options out there. If you’re not an avid meditation practitioner, these products (that have launched in the last three months) might help you start:

📱Declutter the Mind is guided meditation for iOS

🎵Wave Meditation is music-guided meditation that you physically feel

😌Unwind is a distraction-free breathing companion

😯Breathing Training is an app focused on... breathing training

And if you want something more tangible, try Worry Dolls. They’re physical dolls that reduce anxiety.

Thoughts on Meditation

A new game to try out today: SillyCoin Valley. 🤑

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