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August 1st, 2019

People are adding fake apps to their home screen

Problem: The apps on your phone are too addictive. Solution: Generate a fake app to replace said addictive apps.

At least that’s the idea behind Detoxify, a tool that helps you detox off your most addictive apps (think Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.). 👋

“Our app enables you to generate fake apps which looks exactly like your addictive apps. Once you replace your apps with the fake ones, every time you open them, you'll be faced with an screen that congrats you on getting detoxified. After a while, you'll get detoxified by un-learning the habit of opening addictive apps randomly all the time,” Detoxify Maker Farbod Saraf wrote on Product Hunt.

Farbod explains that forming habits — like not checking addictive mobile apps — requires a cue. In this case, the “fake” app acts as a signal to remind you of your goals to not revisit certain apps based on habits.

“By installing the fake app, you'll be surprised how many times you unconsciously you open them, although you are aware that they are fake apps. It feels like our brain is on auto-pilot, once we're hooked/addicted to unconsciously open addictive apps.”

Some realizations from the community:

“Can't believe how many times I open social media in just one day” - Ivan

“I have deleted apps off of my phone for periods of time to remind myself how much i use them and see what it is like to go without them. But this seems like another interesting solution” - Colin

Would you use this to become less addicted to your phone? Let us know.

While you’re detoxing, some other tools to consider:

Start your detox

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