Newsfeed Burner

Burn away distractions on Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube

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Amazing! Thanks for doing that! I don't know how facebook do, but each time i come to facebook for a specific thing and i get lost on the newsfeed as soon as i see it ! They are good
@david770 I am glad I am not the only one ;)
Isnt this just the same effort to juts not go on the sites? Its the same resistance to just turn off the extension too right?
@bentossell The reason I built this was because I use Facebook to check notifications, messaging and the occasional lookup of someone. I use Linkedin as an address book of people I've met and occasionally read articles from my contacts as well as messages. I end up going to Youtube to find a video on a topic related to work but end up watching something from the feed. But perhaps a "block only during work-time" feature should be added ;) Also, one feature is that if you click on the icon you can procrastinate for 15min. TL;DR: I do not have the discipline and focus to *not* click on that damn cat video.
@trajche90 haha! fair enough :)