Impossible Burger

A burger made from plants for people who love meat.

Impossible Burger is a delicious burger made entirely from plants for people who love meat. Every time you choose a quarter-pound Impossible Burger instead of a burger made from a cow, you can make a huge difference without compromising.

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Nice idea, but personally I'm holding out for meat-grown-in-vats.
@rossdcurrie me too! I can't wait
Thanks for hunting @jgage718 I love seeing more alternative products hunted by the community like this. I tried the Impossible Burger in NYC in Jan and was blown away. Hands down the most meat-like plant food I've ever had. Right down to the medium rare look of the fake blood! It doesn't have the exact fatty umami richness of real burgers but it comes close. If we have any hope of making our planet live longer reducing our consumption of animals particularly cows is really important and I think for people who feel they can't survive without a good burger - this might convince them 🐮
I was so ready to hate this burger but after trying it I think it's the future. If i had to put math to it I'd say it is like 85% comparable to meat. Certainly not an exact replica but pretty good facsimile. I'm not vegan but I fully expect 10-20 years from now for these type of meats to be the standard if price can get down and for animal meat to be a special treat. "Why did you kill that poor defenseless cow?" "Oh, well i was hungry" just feels like an antiquated way of thinking.
@mrmikesmith It's already pretty close to that. Beyond Burgers at home, Impossible Burgers when out. It's not hard skipping the animal meat already.
I had a version of the Impossible Burger (their meatball sub) in Boston. Absolutely loved it.

Tried the burger over a year ago for the first time at Impossible HQ, have been very impressed by their execution, marketing, and product.

Hope they manage to get the price point down dramatically so they can actually undercut the cost of ground beef in the US, without compromising the product. That’s the real challenge!


Seriously tastes and cooks like real meat!


Slight after taste (maybe from coconut oil), and doesn’t taste like *great* ground beef, just okay ground beef. Very expensive right now!