Detox from your most addictive apps

Generate a fake app to replace any addictive app πŸ“±πŸ™…
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Hello ProductHunt! πŸ‘‹ Excited to announce our latest project Detoxify which helps you to detox from your most addictive apps. HOW IT WORKS: Our app enables you to generate fake apps which looks exactly like your addictive apps. Once you replace your apps with the fake ones, every time you open them, you'll be faced with an screen that congrats you on getting detoxified. After a while, you'll get detoxified by un-learning the habit of opening addictive apps randomly all the time. Happy detoxing!πŸš€
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@farbodsaraf this is soooo good! similar to the defunct Space. why did you make detoxify? (pretty obvious, but wondering if you have a story.)
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@farbodsaraf @tomfme Space isnt defunct. You can still get it at or here -> Space
@tomfme Thanks! Didn't use the Space before but looks like a similar concept. I used to remove apps but I'd end up re-installing them after a while. We read from "The Power of Habit" that unlearning a habit (aka forming a new habits to replace the old one) is about having a proper cue. So we thought the fake app could act as a cue/signal to remind you about your goal and boost learning the new habit of not visiting the app randomly based on the habit.
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@farbodsaraf neat! you folks are clearly thinking about this the right way. @mattmayberry whoops sorry for saying defunct. the product hunt post i linked too says it's "no longer available"
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@farbodsaraf great idea! When I deleted facebook from my phone, the first week I kept going to my phone to access it but it was not there. It was such an unconscious move that I was surprised myself. I think your idea will help people realize this more consciously and it will help.
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Also our product is open source !
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Cute idea :) Never thought about that, but perhaps it could be effective.
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@anna_0x yesss, give it a try and you'll be surprised how many times you instinctively open the addictive apps.
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@anna_0x @farbodsaraf Lol. You're not wrong. The number of times I've scrolled through reddit, sighed, closed it down, and immediately opened the same app again...
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Holy crap guys! Great idea. Awesome that it's OS. Great job team!
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@carlos_bernabeu Glad you like it!
Nice app and open source. Thanks!!
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