NoPhone is a Minimal Android App Launcher that takes up your Home Screen and stops you from using the time consuming apps.

Think your phone issued a restraining order, since you have been swiping for so long

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Hey there, I'm Aswin Mohan the maker of NoPhone. It's an Android Launcher designed to help stop overusing your Phone. The Story I recently started to keep track of the time that I was spending on my phone, and it shot upwards of 6 hours per day average. That was a little too much for me. That's when I started looking for alternatives. Light Phone seemed promising but was expensive and I didn't need another hardware phone. That's why I built NoPhone. The Answer It's an Android Launcher that takes up your HomeScreen and then gives you access to only the bare neccessities. It's pretty uncomfortable to change the HomeScreen App everytime you login and hides all the other apps. It's gets the job done and I have been using it for a while. So give it a try and give your valuable feedback :D
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@aswin_mohan2 Love the concept and totally agree on the Light Phone thoughts. I was attracted to it as a way to leave the smartphone but in the end you have to deal with more things (and the price!). This could be a solution. Will try it.
Seems like a great concept :) Any plans for releasing an IOS version? Would be happy to test out.
@fosterhank iOS does not permit the same level of customisation that Android Supports. But this app is written in React Native, so we can expect a standalone iOS app soon.
@aswinmohanme awesome, looking forward to it, best of luck!
@fosterhank this one have been using. this one is a copy of the other
This is a very original concept and name.
@internetsheldon hey I'm embarrassed, I just went up with the name that first popped into my mind when I thought about this idea. Sorry Man, will make amends.

This is a much needed product for this age of distracting products that tries to keep you in loop.


Makes mobile very minimal, ideal for times like jogging, working etc


Little bit of bugs here and there

Awesome 😍