Fight your feed addiction

Feedless blocks your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds in Safari on your iPhone. You can use all other parts of the services as usual, we just block the feed. Take control of your time, and say goodbye to mindless scrolling!

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Is this thing on? So far, no plans to offer Product Hunt blocking 😉. I built this out of growing frustration with how much time I was scrolling mindlessly, and thought it might help other people too. Would love to hear what you think about Feedless!
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I like how you've approached this by instrumenting the same approach as mobile ad blockers, @orbuch. Onward is another tool to help with app addiction but it requires you to funnel your traffic through a VPN. I know this is a side project for you (right now) but what's your plan if it takes off, @orbuch?
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@rrhoover Thanks! As I mentioned to @patricklu10, VPN would be an obvious stage 2. I think it could take a more technical/utility route or a more community focused route. It's become cool to complain about social media usage and addiction, and I'm not sure how that impacts actual behavior change as opposed to signaling it about this newly acceptable problem. If it starts to take off, it would be important to narrow in the marketing on one or the other. Also, I think there's a potential opportunity with parents. I'll watch how people use it and assess from there! I'm also interested in talking to those who have been researching the space for longer, the folks at http://humanetech.com/ among others.
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Started using this in beta a couple weeks ago and can honestly say it helps to adjust my behavior and break the bad habit of scroll addiction.

I do a lot of marketing work via Twitter so I can't completely block it. Feedless let's me keep up with my @'s and notifications without letting me wonder off into endless scrolling land.


Really helps break the feed checking cycle on mobile.


Only works on the web, you have to uninstall the apps.

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Hi Ryan, I enjoyed using Feedless during the testing phase. What's Casey Newton really like in person?
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@caseynewton Hi Casey, glad you liked it. He's tall, and quite flexible is his opinion of Brussels sprouts. Pretty funny given how much time he spends scrolling twitter.
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@orbuch Damn. Jealous you got to meet him!!!
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I dig the idea. I already uninstalled Facebook and Twitter from my phone but I still use the latter on Safari. My Facebook profile is actually deleted. I would love a testrun for Twitter but without the 9,99 a year. 0,99 to try for a month would be OK for me.
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@frankmeeuwsen thanks! I was wondering if Facebook being free "counts" as a test run for the other services. I guessed on pricing out of the gate and definitely open to adjusting if necessary.
@orbuch I understand. I’d say wait for some of the other feedback and see what works. It’s no problem for me to make a test Facebook account of course. I am surprised by your ability to check what I have installed. Shouldn’t this need an extra approval from the user to check this?
@frankmeeuwsen good question! Apple restricts the install checking apps can do, up until recently it was a privacy risk as it was used for device fingerprinting. Feedless only checks for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.