📝 A writing app to combat writer's block, distractions, etc.



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Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, Brutal TearDowns
Interesting idea - as a writing app, it would make sense to have: - Fullscreen mode - Colour inversion (or customisation) - Hemingway mode (no deletions) - Typewriter mode (cursor focused at screen center with autoscroll) - Markdown support - Typing sound effects - Concentration music - Export to... (Reddit, Medium, Dropbox, etc.) But most importantly, I'd suggest adding something to the site that tells you your text will be deleted. I clicked the link before reading comments here and had no idea my text would be deleted if I stopped typing
Krish DholakiyaMaker@krrishd · itskrish.co
@rossdcurrie all duly noted, thanks for the feedback! hadn't actually thought about some of those possibilities
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, Brutal TearDowns
@krrishd Take a look through some of the other writing apps on ProductHunt for inspiration. For some reason they all seem to have a subset of these + your features, but none of them are the complete package. I'm personally amazed that Medium doesn't release an editor with advanced features like these. I feel like their user engagement would go shooting up
nullad'osta@iva_esse · Project manager
@rossdcurrie this amazes me too
nullad'osta@iva_esse · Project manager
@rossdcurrie and thats exactly the reason whyi stumbled upon this thread - looking into what else to use, prior to copying into Medium
Krish DholakiyaMaker@krrishd · itskrish.co
Thanks Gerald for hunting this! Write is essentially a free web-based version of Flowstate that I built for myself. For those not familiar with how Flowstate works, if you stop typing - within a fixed duration session you choose - for more than a few seconds, all your writing is erased. You can really do any writing with it but I've personally found it to be a really effective journal, given the fixed duration makes it easier to stick to a routine, and the pressure to keep typing gets all my thoughts - prominent or latent - out in writing. Happy to answer questions! Also, if you're into the technical details, it's built with React and the source is at http://github.com/krrishd/write
Abhilash Jain@findabhilash · Product Marketing / Growth
@krrishd brilliant product, thanks for sharing it here.
Krish DholakiyaMaker@krrishd · itskrish.co
@findabhilash thanks :)
joshua@thewrongjoshua · Student
As a fan of Flowstate, it's irritating recommending it to somebody that a) doesn't have a Mac, and b) doesn't want to pay, so this'll definitely be the site I recommend to people from now on. Thanks!
Krish DholakiyaMaker@krrishd · itskrish.co
@thewrongjoshua Happy to hear that!
Ash Pearson@productpearson · Product Manager
This is really cool. Good for when I get a thought in my head and need to jot down a note before I get distracted.
Evan Thomas Paul@evanthomaspaul · VP Products, GuideStar
This is a great alternative to Flowstate! Any details about privacy and security of content that we enter in?
Krish DholakiyaMaker@krrishd · itskrish.co
@evanthomaspaul the content is completely secure and private! it never sends any of the content to any external server; all your writing is stored locally in your browser's localStorage. however, if you'd like to export/store it elsewhere, the download button will give you a file that is populated from what you've stored locally.