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What is a nugget “simulation”?
What is a nugget “simulation”?

No, they’re not fake nuggets. They’re real nuggets, made by the world’s first chicken nugget startup, NUGGS.

Yesterday, NUGGS, which makes nuggets from texturized pea protein technology (instead of animal-based technology) officially launched (with $7M in funding). Why it’s not just another plant-based alternative to the animal-based meat industry: NUGGS founder Ben Pasternak plans to run the venture like a tech company.

The team spent over a year of research and development on the “product” — the nuggets — which are free from major allergens like eggs, wheat, dairy and soy. They’re also cholesterol free, contain 22g of protein (about 2x more than animal-based nuggets) and are 180 calories (about 20% less than animal-based nuggets), a formula that “kills you slower,” according to the company. And NUGGS plans to release product updates — they will continuously share how the formula improves over time based on user feedback.

Some feedback for NUGGS from the PH community:

“Indistinguishable from a real chicken nugget, much better” - Allan

“Would love a low(er) carb version if possible!” - Dilan

I'm excited that tasty meat alternatives are becoming available to the public for a reasonable price! The slick branding and website are a bonus” - Ani

It’s worth noting that Pasternak is 19 years old, and previously created Monkey, which was acquired in 2017 and currently has 20M users. Other NUGGS team members include 20-year-old Head of Product Liam Mullen, a self-taught molecular gastronomist, and 20-year-old Head of Growth Alex Michelle, a social media guru with six million Instagram followers.

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