A free tool to find content decay and help win back traffic

Animalz is building out tools to scale the knowledge they’ve accumulated from years of helping B2B SaaS blogs grow with organic traffic. Revive is a free tool that finds decaying content in your Google Analytics, then suggests posts that should be refreshed.
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Improving your content by updating it is an effective tactic for increasing website traffic. This new tool by the Animalz team will point you to the content that you should improve to increase traffic. If you've got a blog and are using Google Analytics (who isn't?!) try out Revive, it's free.
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@hnshah thank you for hunting revive, hiten! one surprising thing we learned building and testing revive is just how many content marketers have google analytics installed and how few really use it. in building revive, we took inspiration from tools like what you built at quicksprout in building on top of google analytics to make the data in GA useful for the jobs that marketers are hiring GA to do.
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We are *really* excited about the release of Revive. Finding content decay and refreshing old posts is a tried-and-true traffic growth tactic. It's something we spend a lot of time doing for ourselves and our customers. Unfortunately, Google Analytics doesn't make it very easy to find decay, so we (and mostly @ajtatey) decided to build a tool that does it automatically. As it turns out, finding decay is somewhat subjective. Here's the formula we use to find it: - We only look at traffic coming from organic search. This helps us filter out noise from paid campaigns and social media. Organic traffic is what you want to grow, so Revive helps identify these opportunities. - We look for trends over a 12-month period. This is enough time to smooth out most fluctuations in search volume as well as algorithm updates. - We then look for the percentage of traffic lost, how many months have seen a decline and how recently, and whether the URL continued a decline in traffic throughout the year. Finding and fixing decay is a great use of a content marketer's time. We hope you find Revive to be useful—and please do leave feedback here on PH or in the app. Thanks!
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This is the tool I've been looking for for the last 18 months. It cuts the time I spend on content audits and means I can get quicker content wins for customers
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@cassienaji thanks cassie, that's exactly our hope for revive. less time spent on google analytics drudgery, more time creating awesome content and helping your company win.
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I'm a big fan of any tool that keeps your content marketing in top shape, months and years after initial publication. Even better - Revive makes recommendations automatically, handling the entire process in a couple of clicks. I've used it on dozens of properties without having to trawl through a mountain of Google Analytics data
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@ryanlawba absolutely ryan. one interesting thing we saw in the data was just how durable content could be in producing traffic year after year after year, so long as it was maintained, updated, re-promoted, etc. that hits at the heart of why we think content refreshing is so important and why we built this tool!
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The beauty of Revive is that it takes a tedious process and not only automates it for you but also gives you the results in visual and easy-to-digest representation so you can glean insights much faster. The additional suggestions of ways to refresh content make the tool immediately actionable, delivering great value.
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