Dripkit Coffee 2.0

Make delicious coffee, anytime. Now More Coffee, Same Price.

More Coffee. Same Price. Dripkit 2.0 is filled with 17g of freshly roasted coffee and brews a 10oz cup. Stays fresh for over 60 days in a sleek single-serve packet. With Dripkit there is no prep or clean up, just delicious coffee, anytime.
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Hello! I'm Ilana, one of the founders of Dripkit and I'm excited to announce the launch of Dripkit 2.0 here with the Product Hunt community. We created Dripkit to make great coffee easy. Our single-serve coffee brewers are filled with freshly ground specialty coffee that's roasted weekly in Brooklyn, NY. Our head of coffee Gabe Boscana, one of the top roasters in the country formerly of Intelligentsia, Ritual and , consciously sources all of our single origin coffees from family farms and co-ops around the world. With Dripkit 2.0 we're bringing you even more of the coffee you love for the same price. We redesigned the filter to hold more coffee and made the brewer with less paper so it's even sleeker and easier to use. With this update we also made serious headway on the road to biodegradeability bringing us even closer to our goal of a 100% bio-Dripkit in 2021. We can't wait for you to try Dripkit 2.0 and hear what you think. Best, Ilana Kruger
@ilana_kruger Really cool idea and I'm especially glad to hear that you're focused on achieving 100% biodegradability. One of the biggest drawbacks to many of today's convenience plays are the high amounts of waste they generate through packaging.
@aegenes Thanks so much, Andrew! I totally agree.
Can't agree more. This is same case with capsules.

Great design, huge footprint.


Easy to use


Very wasteful. One plastic packaging, and one paper for each pour of coffee.

Man… I love me some Dripkit! I never really understood the need for a quick good cup of coffee until I started working in NYC. It’s one of those things in life you didn’t know you needed until you tried it. I’ve never looked back since. This is my go-to afternoon pick me up. It tastes amazing and is super energizing. Can’t wait for more to come from Dripkit. It only keeps getting better!
@nick_simpson Thanks for your support, Nick. I'm very happy to hear that Dripkit is helping to make your afternoons better! #nobadcoffeedays
I take Dripkit on my work trips to China. Travel 13 time zones away is hard enough! This coffee saves my life daily. Dripkit is easy to pack and brew. Most hotels in China have electric water kettles so its a perfect set up.
@james_burns Hi James! Love that Dripkit's have made it to China. Thanks for your support and I hope you continue to enjoy delicious cups of coffee with Dripkit!
you lost me at that point, when the milk was poured into the coffee... ;-) Seriously: Great idea, looks easy to use. Would be a good solution for our office, because we have a lot of coffee that gets cold in the big coffee machine and you never know, if it is fresh or not. A kind of subscription model for offices would be great.
@jean_luc_winkler Hey Jean-Luc, perfect timing. We are actually launching DripkitWork, our office coffee subscription next week. Email me at ilana@dripkit.coffee and I'll be happy to tell you more.