An advanced chicken nugget simulation

NUGGS is a chicken nugget simulation that uses a new texturized pea protein technology to create a nugget more advanced than nuggets made with primitive animal-based technology.
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What's up Product Hunt? Never done this before. Would love any feedback and excited for you to get the chance to try NUGGS! Shoot any questions over and I'll do my best to get through them! πŸš«πŸ”
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@benpasternak I'm in the UK so can't try these but I love the tongue in cheek marketing on the website. Branding looks great.
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@benpasternak I texted in a couple months ago when I first came across this. I wasn't convinced it was a real company. I'm ordering a couple boxes now.
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@dberkowitz Lol thanks David we are very real
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Would love a low(er) carb version if possible!
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@dilan Working on it!
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I really love the branding! Wanna try them, but sadly NUGGS don't ship to Germany :(
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Ummm, it keeps getting better people:
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Great product. Wish more food companies operated using a software company mindset like Soylent/NUGGS. DON’T BE CHICKEN
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