Source Wireframe Kit

Library of 537 blocks for desktop and mobile prototyping

#2 Product of the DayJuly 09, 2019
Create effective prototypes that are convertible to the final design in a few minutes with the Source Wireframe Kit. It contains a high-quality collection of 537 pixel-perfect and thoughtfully created blocks for desktop and mobile combined into design system.
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Hi, Product Hunters! 🤘 Today we’re presenting you our new product for Sketch and Figma – Source Wireframe Kit⚡️. It’s a huge library of 537 desktop and mobile wireframe blocks in 22 popular categories, that are quickly convertible to the final design. If you need, you can customize anything. All elements are neatly organized and easy to use and edit. You'll get 100% vector elements based on bootstrap grid, symbols, components, styles and free fonts. So, hope it will be helpful for you. Would love to know what you think and if you have any questions, you're welcome! Also, we provide for all hunters 25% discount promo code - LUCKYHUNT25. Use it on the checkout popup. Try it now: Huge thanks to @chrismessina for hunting!
I bought this asap. I'm stoked to use it~
@nathanwindsor We are very pleased that our product is useful for you 👍
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This looks really nice! Is there an Xd version in the works?
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@rossedghill Thank you! Not yet in work, but we have plans to add a version for Xd too.
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This looks great! Prior to buying it, I'd like to know how well built and structured is the Figma version (components, constraints, styles, etc.), or if it's just a Sketch import.
@decu Thank you! Figma version is organized as well as Sketch with all the most popular advantages, such as components, color and text styles, resizing options. This is not just an import from a Sketch🙂.
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@mvsch Lovely! Thanks for putting in the time and effort to do this, Max!
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@decu you are welcome