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May 5th, 2019

10 apps for your mood

Happy Monday!

Before starting your week, take a moment to check in with your mental state. On Product Hunt, we've seen a recent uptick in mental health products, as entrepreneurship lends itself to high mental and emotional strain.

This plays into a larger trend in tech: a boom in VC funding for mental health startups. Last year, several hundred million dollars were invested in mental health tech, with startups like Calm ($116M raised), Headspace ($75.2M raised), Talkspace ($56.7M raised) and Shine ($8.3M raised) at the helm.

If you're looking for *different* mental health apps, we've gone down the Product Hunt rabbit hole for alternatives that have launched within the past year:

Nao lets you chat with AI to talk about your emotions 💬

Walk helps you plan walks to get outside more 🌲

Moody helps you pinpoint the nature of your moods 📍

Replika uses AI to help you get to know yourself ☺️

Deeply is a meditation app (and connects to your Spotify!) 😌

Wellnite combines mental health counseling with treatments 💊

You Are Loved allows you to track your family and friends' mental health 👭

Trill offers an anonymous support community 💪

Mental Screening lest you self-test for common issues 🧠

Siempo turns your phone into a healthier digital experience 📱

What would you add to this list? Share it with us on Twitter.

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