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#2 Product of the DayMay 05, 2019
Hey Product Hunt,
Memory Hacker aims to push human limits by helping users memorize whatever they want effectively through a wide range scientific techniques. It's a lightweight app designed to be fast and easy if you're in a hurry.
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@danirogerc Hey Daniel, I plan on developing an ios version once I have the budget :)
@danirogerc @bikramjit_dasgupta Hello Bikramjit, I'm IOS Developer and just now saw your app and I'm super excited to bring it to App Store. For more info contact me at
@viktor_kuzmanov Thanks for the offer but I prefer waiting till I'm able to release it on ios
I think duolingo and memrise offer similar products so you are up for quite a challenge if you are serious in trying to leave a footprint here... Good luck, this seems useful!
@realromangary That's very true but I'm aiming for a more multipurpose approach with the product. I believe most tools are aimed towards language learning at the moment.
seem like something I would need, left a review on Google Play, all the best
Waiting for ios version 😍
@bikramjit_dasgupta Sounds great. "through a wide range scientific techniques" - where can I learn about scientific techniques you use?
@nikiluk Hey Nikita, great question. I aimed for the app to utilize techniques like spaced repetition and the spacing effect in general for long term memory recollection. In an ideal setting, I've observed the effects but we don't live in an ideal world. Therefore, I utilized techniques to enforce associative memory recollection to help people remember their topics in the short term. I combined it with visualization (like the aspect of color, other objects, topics and more) at a high frequency to help aid diversification of memory links between other things and the user's topics. In my experience, using the long-term scheduling system as a framework for short-term revision works best. The attempts are slightly rudimentary but I've been hugely fascinated by these topics enough to use them to learn myself, and eventually creating my project. :D The topics mentioned above have an abundance of results on the web. But a few great materials I am interested by are: - (Research on computer based spaced repetition) - (Research on the psychological influence of color in memory) - (Associative learning and memory formation) - (Some material on other topics)
@bikramjit_dasgupta Thank you. Have you thought about designing a placebo test? And to run this experiment with limited set of users. In such a way, you can discriminate several factors and actually understand what works and what does not for memory consolidation in your concrete setup.