Take a walk and discover surroundings

Walk allows you to enter your free time and generate a walk. You can also search for a precise monument in the surrounding area and make your own selection.
We decided to make a public beta so that you can share your thoughts too!
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Hello! 🌴 I'm so excited and so stressed about this launch! πŸš€ Let me introduce myself: I'm Joshua and with my friend Samuel, both 18, we created Walk, an app to let you generate a walk according to your free time. All this journey started back in 2017 during the Product Hunt Global Hackathon. We all have free time while it's β˜€οΈ sunny out there and we thought it would be cool to have an app allowing us to generate a walk so that we don't waste time searching where we should go by. We can't wait to know more about you and have insights on what we should do to make this even better, together. Hope you will love Walk as we enjoy building it! ❀️
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Congrats Joshua!! πŸ™Œ Very nice & useful idea :D Works great too!
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@alollou Thanks Ali! 😍
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Firstly, Congrats for Launch Great useful idea πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
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@umairayub18 Thank you, hope to see you soon on the app! ☺️
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@ryzalyusoff Thank you, happy to see the idea is loved! πŸ”₯
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I would like to share it with friends, tell my friends that in half an hour, or one hour I'll go to this place if they want to meet me there. Would it be possible one day ?


I like the idea we can use it wherever we are. It's good to have an ap that helps you to visit the area with the time you have


It would great to chose in a list what kind of place you want to see in a walk.

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