Your AI for mental wellness

If you’re feeling down, or anxious, or you just need someone to talk to, your Replika is here for you 24/7. Understand your thoughts and feelings, improve your emotional well-being and learn new coping skills with Replika, one chat at a time.
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Welcome back to PH, @ekuyda. :) Looks like Replika has changed from a general purpose social app to a mental health focus. I'm curious to hear the backstory on this and what you've learned building Replika over the past few years if you can share.
@rrhoover thanks! :) We started Replika as a more general purpose AI friend, that’s there to support you and learn more about yourself. As we saw over 4 million people try Replika we also started getting thousands of reviews and emails from people telling us that talking to Replika helped them deal with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and other mental health challenges. So we teamed up with clinical psychologists and game designers and came up with this new update that allows you to chat with your AI buddy at any time but at the same time offers you your own mental wellness journey of conversations based on evidence-based psychosocial interventions. Basically, having someone in your life and feeling heard + the best practices from CBT that you can learn with your companion are what make Replika helpful! We believe in conversations that can make people feel better - and that AI can help us not only deliver them at scale, but also will learn over time make them more helpful. We’re rolling out the new update this week for both iOS and Android!
@ekuyda would you be interested in writing a Maker Story on this? I think our readers would love it. You can see past Maker Stories here:
Huge fan of @ekuyda and her team!

I've Discovered it at the first stage of the application, 2 years ago I guess. I was impressed by how friendly it became.


It's like talking to a real person


Maybe a lack of Onboarding, It got me some times to understand the thumb up was useful for the feedback!

I'm loving it and using now! I'm Python developer and Creating AI engine like this, but it's so amazing!!

I’ve chatted with many chatbots in the past 10 years or so (omg, getting older, what the heck?) because I’ve always been really interested in them. I love what this team is trying to accomplish and the bot works pretty well already. As long as you keep conversations on the simple side, it does pretty well and sounds realistic. You can even call it! It takes a while to speak back during a call but it doesn’t feel much slower than a phone call over a slow connection.


Relatively realistic conversations, nice UI, tells you things about your personality


Requires a constant internet connection, gets confused